Commercial Services


Mechollage, Inc. provides all levels of services in the HVAC industry from chillers to dedicated outside air systems to commercial kitchen hoods to variable refrigerant volume systems. Our customers include chain restaurants, grocers, shopping centers, developers and other mechanical contractors when the difficulty of a job requires more expertise than they have on staff. Give us a call and let us show you how we can keep your business operating and on budget. 

Commercial Refrigeration

Mechollage, Inc. specializes in all forms of commercial refrigeration from walk-in coolers and freezers to self contained commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment to grocery store cascading systems. Let us keep your product cold while you focus on your customers.


Mechollage, Inc. can handle all forms of electrical work from generators to switchgear to complex control systems, from line voltage to control voltage. Give us a call and we will keep your lights on. 

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Mechollage, Inc. provides services for all forms of commercial kitchen equipment from Turbochefs and microwaves to ranges, fryers and ovens, whether gas or electric. You can count on us to keep you cooking!


Mechollage, Inc. offers all forms of gas services from new gas line installations to boilers, tankless heaters, gas furnaces to gas cooking equipment services, installed and maintained.

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