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Platinum VIP Advantage Residential Membership


Year-round PREMIUM protection
$ 59 Diagnostic Fee
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Repairs*
  • Comprehensive Bi-Annual 38-Point Inspection and Cleaning of Your System
  • 15% Discount on Repairs
  • Choose Your Technician
  • Energy Savings Up to 30%*
  • Same-Day Scheduling*
  • No Overtime Charges Ever
  • Yearly replacement Bucks $75.00
  • Member Only Priority Phone Line
Best Value


Platinum VIP Advantage is our premium protection plan!
The exclusive premium advantages are choosing your technician, having direct contact with the owner, same-day emergency scheduling, and $75 in yearly replacement bucks.  
We take the worry out of maintaining your HVAC system. Leave the worry to us. With our Premium Platinum VIP Advantage program we perform an extensive service on your system in the Spring and Fall ensuring that your system is operating at its peak performance before the heavy usage seasons arrive.
Manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep your warranty valid, which shields you if something goes wrong during that period. Maintenance can also prolong the life expectancy of your system and can save you up to 30% on utility bills.*
Aside from that, it gives us a chance to identify and correct small problems before they cause greater and more costly repairs. If your system needs to be repaired, Platinum VIP Advantage members receive a 15% discount on repairs and guaranteed 24/7/365 priority service. And it provides you peace of mind that you’ll have stress-free comfort throughout the change in seasons.

Spend Less on Heating and Cooling Repairs

Along with the comfort of knowing your system is properly maintained our Platinum VIP Advantage members receive access to special discounts that can save them significantly.
When your system requires repairs, all the linked charges can accumulate fast. Platinum VIP Advantage members save 15% on all repairs.
As a Platinum VIP Advantage member, you’ll receive guaranteed priority service 24/7/365*. That’s even more beneficial if you need us when we’re handling hundreds of requests. You’ll be able to skip the line and return your home to its usual comfortable state.
We have the best crew in the industry and are told so constantly by customers and vendors alike.
Our technicians undergo significant training to keep them up to date on our constantly changing industry so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. We call our technicians experts for a reason. But they’re not just proficient, they’re also dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and excellent repairs backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.*



* Every effort will be made for same-day service, however, same-day service cannot be guaranteed.- **Guarantee covers labor only up to original labor costs on repair (see Mechollage Terms and Conditions)(Must maintain an active membership to honor labor warranty on repairs)(Guarantee only applies to repairs performed by Mechollage, Inc.) – ***Potential Savings may vary depending on condition and age of equipment, system settings, equipment maintenance and installation of equipment and ductwork.- ****Price is an estimate and may change depending on the system and circumstances.- Diagnostic Fees are estimates and subject to change.- Additional HVAC systems are quoted at a reduced cost.

Still, wondering if a Mechollage Maintenance Plan is right for you? Contact our office team, we can help!

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